Well Engineering Experts.

We provide wells expert support throughout the lifecycle to drive your organization forward.

Creating value from wells

We are an engineering and advisory company that supports drilling and well intervention organisations. Founded on our deep and broad expertise we are driven by quality, transparency and robust solutions that make a true difference for our clients.

Well Integrity
Well Engineering
Well Examination
Managed Pressure Drilling

Managed Pressure Drilling

Fully independent of service or equipment provider.

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“Ensuring the right techniques, equipment, people and procedures are being used for an MPD drilling operation is critical WellSpec provides all the services to ensure that MPD well objectives can be achieved.”


Our purpose

We support our clients with our expertise and solutions in wells planning, design, construction, intervention and integrity.

We want to drive the drilling industry foward with best-in-class expertise and innovative, robust and transparent solutions. WellSpec offers a capability extension for wells as a business enabler.


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